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Pro Active 12-Pack Wiffle Balls

$4.99 msrp $10.00 Save 50%

This 12-Pack of Wiffle Balls is perfect for rainy days, or limited practice areas

Pro Active Limited Flight Practice Ball

$4.99 msrp $6.29 Save 20%

The Limited Flight Practice Ball is ideal for rainy days, or when you have limited space to work with.

Pro Active Adjustable Putting Cup

$4.99 msrp $6.99 Save 28%

Take a look at this Adjustable Putting Cup!

Pro Active 1' x 2' Hitting Mat

Best price

Comes with one 1 1/2” rubber tee. Durable simulated grass will not mark your clubs. Three tee locations.

Pro Active Par Three Putting Green

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3’ x 9’ putting green with 2 hazard inserts.

Pro Active Par 1 Putting Green

Best price

12” x 6’ putting green. Includes target hole and two hazards. Slight incline, non-skid cushion back, poly-propylene grass.

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Pro Active Aluminum Putting Cup

msrp $7.49

Practice your putting anywhere with the Aluminum Putting Cup.

Pro Active Rubber Tees 3 Heights pkg. 1 1/2", 2 3/4", 3"

msrp $3.99

Package of Three Rubber Tees with varying heights ranging from 1 1/2", 2 3/4", 3"

Pro Active ProChipping Golf Practice Net

Best price

Bullseye target is broken down into three sizes for different skill levels. Create fun games or get in some serious chipping practice. Folds quickly for easy transport and storage.

  • 1-9 of 9 Results